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Shame vs. Grace

Five follow-up questions to process the weekend teaching

Question 1

Okay, what is one funny embarrassing moment you have had? Every single person has at least one story that is good to remember. Why? If we cannot laugh at ourselves in the lighter moments it is evidence of deep shame.

Question 2

Shame is a venomous distortion of and loss of our identity. Can you point to a few critical moments of your life when you began to lose your God-given worth?

Question 3

Can you make the distinction between healthy shame and unhealthy shame?

Question 4

Jesus is the Hero in our story who can rescue us from all shame. Have you allowed him to cleanse the dark, clinging and venomous power of shame and give you a free and pure identity?

Question 5

Listen to the words to the song by Lauren Daigle “You Say.” Which line(s) strike a chord in you today?

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