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Speed vs Soul

Five follow-up questions to process the weekend teaching

Question 1

Fight your fears. What relational risk have you run from all your life and now it is time to face that fear?

Question 2

Evaluate the origins of your fear. Where did your relational fears start? Are your fears out of proportion to the actual activating event?

Question 3

Act with rationality, truth and optimism. What is an action you can take today, just one small action, that is a step toward truth?

Question 4

Have you been one who believes that refilling your soul with the love of God daily/hourly/moment by moment is a luxury? Are you ready to say, “No more”, I am going to re-make my mind, body and soul through the constant infusion of the love of God?

Question 5

So, do you believe that you can grow in love and change your relational world? Are you willing to grow into the person who can “love extravagantly” (1 Corinthians 13:13 The Message)?

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