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Welcome! If you have found your way to this page, then it is by divine appointment and someone you may not even know has been praying for you to open this powerful book and be introduced to Jesus.

The Plus Nothing booklet moves you through the story of Jesus in six simple chapters. We have provided questions for each chapter and we invite you to reflect on these as you move through the book.  The story of Jesus changed the direction of the whole world. We believe that time spent with this story always matters. This time can turn into curiosity and conversation. Or tables turned and transformation. 

We even created a 6 week supplemental video plan, led by Charlie McMahan, to help guide you through the Plus Nothing reading plan.
You can find the videos HERE.

Chapter 1 Discussion Questions

What is it about this story that has kept the world’s attention?

Is there anything here that gets your attention?

If this story is true, what would that tell us about the world we’re in?

Chapter 2 Discussion Questions:

If you could have a conversation with Jesus, what would you want to talk about?

What do you think made people like Philip and Nathanael follow after Jesus?

Where have you seen the story of Jesus bring peace to people? Where have you seen it cause disruption?

Chapter 3 Discussion Questions:

What were you taught about what it meant to be Good as a kid? Was it about what you did on the outside or what you were on the inside? Were they connected?

Why do you think so many people worked so hard to introduce more people to this person named Jesus?

Did you have a favorite story in this section? Anything that made you see something new?

Chapter 4 Discussion Questions:

What do you make of Jesus being able to do extraordinary things? Does it seem possible or impossible? What do you make of these stories being told and retold and believed for so long?

Do you have any stories of something being lost and found?

What do you think it was about Jesus that caused so much frustration and anger?

Chapter 5 Discussion Questions:

If someone asked you what the most important rule of being a person was, what would you say? What do you think of Jesus’ answer?

As you read through Jesus’ most troubled days, what details stand out to you and why?

Jesus seems to know what’s coming but that doesn’t make it all easy and painless. Have you ever known how a story would end? Has that changed the experience of going through it?

Chapter 6 Discussion Questions:

What kind of responses did you notice from the people who see the resurrected Jesus? Which one would be most like you if you were around back then?

Why do you think this story has survived all these years?

What would it mean to you and to the people you love if hope is stronger than death?